Transit and Transportation

The iDesign team has extensive experience in design of highways and roadways according to AASHTO standards and criteria. Our senior staff have designed and managed many roadway projects for Maryland SHA, Montgomery County, Howard County, and Baltimore City, including development of new roadways, widening of existing roadways, intersection improvements and ADA upgrades. We also provide planning and design for multi-modal transportation facilities, including transit centers, rail yards, and marine terminals.

Track Fueling Pollution Control

METRO Maintenance Yards

The iDesign team provided plan, profile and hydraulic design for new oil-water separators in several of METRO's train yards.

Sign and Safety Inspections

Bay Bridge, Nice Bridge

iDesign staff joined teams to inventory and take retro-reflectivity readings of all signs on MdTA's largest bridges. Results were shared with the Authority using ArcGIS Online.

Flood Prevention Investigations

METRO Stations

Mr. Abel led teams investigating stormwater intrusion into station platforms and mechanical rooms and provided detailed reports with maintenance and rehabilitation recommendations.

Toll Plaza Realignment Study

Perryville, MD

iDesign assisted with lane use and vehicle class analysis to determine ideal lane configuration options for the JFK facility toll plaza on I-95.

Highway Design

Highway design on the East Coast has rapidly grown from geometrics and drainage to requiring a complete understanding interconnections, jurisdictional oversight, and of course the introduction of 3D modelling. The iDesign team is continually immersed in highway projects throughout their lifecycle and ready to take on challenging new tasks.

Purple Line

Bethesda to New Carrollton, MD

Mr. Pradhan and Mr. Formichella worked full time at the project office designing 3D models of all the roads affected by this 16 mile transit project.

MdTA Highway Safety Inventory


Our engineers teamed up with other inspection teams to catalog highway safety features. Our teams used tablets running ArcGIS Collector to collaborate in real-time and deliver a quality database.

Traffic Engineering

Understanding multi-modal traffic patterns is crucial in a region like ours to squeeze every bit of efficiency out of our transportation networks. iDesign's engineers have a great deal of experience in signal design, warrant studies, maintenance of traffic, signing and pavement marking design, multi-modal corridors and traffic network analysis.

Oakleigh Rd. Traffic Signal

Parkville, MD

Mr. Abel provided ADA upgrades and mast arm signal design to replace a very congested aerial arrangement at an existing spanwire signal.

Baltimore Mobility Study


Our team analyzed bicycle commuting stresses citywide to determine optimal cycle corridor routes. We also conducted on-route surveys to inform route priorities for The Circulator bus.

Structural Engineering

iDesign wants to help support your load whether it takes the form of a bridge, culvert, retaining wall or stormwater structure. Our team has both the design and inspection expertise to get your structure performing optimally.

Thurgood Marshall Justice Building

Washington DC

Dr. Wang assisted the Architect of the Capitol team is designing rooftop structural supports for installation of emergency radio equipment.

Spillway Structural Retrofit

Masonville Dredge Facility, Baltimore, MD

Dr. Shi designed a sheet-pile and steel retrofit to raise the spillway structure by 8' to prepare for the embankment to be raised.

Geographic Information Systems

All of our engineers are trained to use GIS effectively. We typically analyze new projects using GIS before our first visit, being mindful of the insight it can provide about grading, hydrology, utilities, soil, and ownership. We have a streamlined internal system for seamlessly working between ArcGIS, CAD platforms and cloud geodatabases. Mr. Abel has assisted with or built over a dozen project-specific geodatabases and continues to improve iDesign's field mapping capabilities.

SHA Impervious Removal Program

11 Maryland Counties

Dr. Wang has managed SHA's program to identify and remove underused pavement for MS4 credit. Cataloging team efforts in GIS ensures a thorough search with minimal redundancy.

New SWM Planning

METRO Stations and Parking Lots

Mr. Abel led the research team to geo-locate as-built METRO plans. He assisted in populating a custom web-based GIS index application and developed queries to shortlist potential new SWM facilities.


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